Mini Canal Cruise – on the Göta Canal

Motala -> Söderköping

Highlights of the Mini Canal Cruise

Docking for the night

The locks of Berg.

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    It was Baltzar von Platen who drew up the plans for Motala, and today it is called “the Capital of the Göta Canal”. In 1822 an engineering works, Motala Werkstad, was established here to serve the Göta Canal and is today considered to be the cradle of Swedish industry. Here you also find the head office of the Gota Canal Company, responsible for operation and maintenance. We visit the Motor Museum, with its large exhibition of antique cars and motorcycles in authentic surroundings, collection of radios, toys, household appliances and more. You can also walk to see Baltzar von Platen’s grave, about 1 km along the left side of the canal.

    On the cruises Grand Sweden Cruise and Göta Canal Highlights you have the chance to visit the Motala Motor Museum, with its large exhibition of antique cars and motorcycles in authentic surroundings.

    On the Grand Sweden Cruise and the Classic Canal Cruise we dock for the night in Motala. The Mini Canal Cruise starts or ends in Motala.

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    Borenshult Locks

    The lock staircase at Borenshult is the second longest in the canal, with five locks connected and a total rise of 15.3 metres. Here you might hear the nightingale sing.

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    Lake Boren

    Our boat slowly traverses Lake Boren (73 metres above sea level).

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    In the idyllic village Borensberg there is a hand operated lock. The well-known Göta Hotel, built in 1908, is close to the lock. Next to the hotel there is a small gazebo leaning out over a sharp bend in the canal, known as the “Helmsman’s Horror”.

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    We travel 20 kms without passing any locks through the astonishing Östgöta scenery. We pass two aqueducts, eight bridges, Ljung castle and Brunneby manor. 

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    Kungs Norrby, Aqueduct

    The aqueduct at Kungs Norrby was built in 1993 and leads over the national route 36.

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    Ljungsbro Aqueduct

    At Ljungsbro we pass one of the two aqueducts on our journey. This one was built in 1970. The canal crosses over the road so you can look down on the cars while you pass.

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    The Locks Of Berg

    The locks of Berg are located north of the city of Linköping. The whole lock system consists of no less than 15 locks, connected with Lake Roxen. The whole Berg lock system is called "The Big Lift". The locks can raise or lower ships 28.8 meters.

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    Convent of Vreta

    The convent of Vreta dates from about 1100 and was the first nunnery in Sweden. Its importance was later superseded by the convent founded by Saint Bridget (Saint Birgitta) at Vadstena. The old convent church at Vreta is one of Sweden's most interesting, offering many medieval treasures. Today, it is used as a parish church and is therefore not always open to visitors.

    On the Classic Canal Cruise and the Grand Sweden Cruise you have the option of joining the tour guide on a walk (app. 3 km) to the ruins of the convent of Vreta and to the church. As an alternative you can walk along the canal on your own or take a swim in Lake Roxen.

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    Berg, Carl Johan's Lock Staircase

    The Carl Johan lock staircase is the longest in the canal with seven connected locks. This lock staircase will lower or raise the boat 18.8 metres.

    On the Grand Sweden Cruise from Stockholm we dock for the night by the bottom lock. 

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    Lake Roxen

    This lake is 33 metres above sea level. The canal enters the lake at Norsholm on one side and Berg on the other.

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    On the Mini Canal Cruise we visit Runstorp, which is a manor house dating from Sweden's period of greatness. The owners Louise and Eddie Uggla take us on a tour of their house with its Gustavian drawing room and interesting library, all while relating anecdotes from its history. Runstorp is not open to the public, which makes this an exclusive visit.

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    Norsholm´s lock

    The lock in Norsholm regulates the water level of Lake Roxen. Here the canal crosses the main railway line between Stockholm and Malmö. Our cruise Göta Canal Highlights with M/S Wilhelm Tham starts or ends in Norsholm.

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    There are eight locks in the short distance of around two kilometres.

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    The idyllic town Söderköping was founded in the early 1200s and was very important during the Hanseatic period. The town also has a long and interesting history as a spa. Today, it is also known for its ice cream parlours. The Mini Canal Cruise starts or ends in Söderköping.

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