Life on board

Eat, drink & be merry

Your pleasure is key for all our cruises on the Göta Canal. Switch off your phone and enjoy the beauty of the Swedish nature, the company of your fellow passengers, and delicious food.


Food and drinks on board

We understand that a great culinary experience is an important part of your cruise that’s almost as vital as the unforgettable nature and historical boats. That’s why we always make sure to serve you only the best and most delicious food and beverages aboard our ships. Our well-composed menus take you on a culinary trip through Sweden and its various regions, reflecting the surroundings that we pass through.

When it comes time for lunch and dinner, we set the beautiful dining room with linen tablecloths and fresh flowers to create a refined and relaxed atmosphere for you. Of course, the wine list is carefully composed to go perfectly with each day’s menu.

Full board with three-course dinner

Our cruises include full board with breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest without having to worry about a single thing. And when you join us on board for the first time, we serve you a “welcome aboard” coffee to set the mood. Each morning, we start the day by serving you a delicious breakfast buffet in the dining room. And when the gong sounds, it’s time to sit at the table for a two-course lunch or a three-course dinner. In the afternoon, we serve you coffee – weather permitting, on the deck where you can enjoy the one-of-a-kind view. After dinner, we suggest you order something from the bar and relax in the lounge or on the bridge deck. As a special treat, one evening promises to be particularly festive as we arrange the Captain´s Dinner. And if you are lucky, you might have the pleasure of enjoying the captain´s company at your table.

Menus 2024 (pdf):

Menu Mini Canal Cruise (2 days)
Menu Göta Canal Highlights (3 days)
Menu Classic Canal Cruise (4 days)
Grand Sweden Cruise (6 days)

Livet om bord – cruise på Göta kanal

Great company in unforgettable surroundings

We’re extremely happy that many of our guests tell us that they have made friends for life while on one of our cruises. And the conditions for socialising and mingling couldn’t be any better! Our cruises usually have between 35 and 40 guests on board which means that you have plenty of time to get to know your fellow travellers over the course of your trip. Fascinating conversations with people from all over the world are almost guaranteed while watching the landscape pass by on the deck, enjoying a drink at the bar, or enjoying a meal and make for an integral part of the experience.

Activities on the trip

There are of course no “musts” and obligations aboard the ship, and it’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to join the activities on offer. Should you feel like it, we’re happy to offer a variety of activities, depending on the cruise you choose. These include guided tours to cultural or historical points of interest or a dip into the cool water of one of the lakes we’re passing through on a hot summer day. During the cruise, we also stop in many picturesque villages and towns, so that you may explore the special atmosphere in the old, charming alleyways of, for instance, Söderköping or Vadstena.

Go exploring on your own

In addition to the excursions included in your cruise package, there are also opportunities for going on some private explorations, where you can freely discover the beauty of the Swedish nature by going for a walk or a jog along the towpaths runnign along the banks of the canal. Those who want to take trips further afield can even borrow the ship´s bicycles.


All our cabins are decorated with tasteful brass details and beautiful fabrics that harken back to the ships’ long ancestry and original decoration. Staying in the cozy and renovated historical cabins, roughly comparable to a sleeping compartment on a train in size, transports you back to the relaxing and leisurely traveling pace of the turn of the century.

Cabins with a view

To allow all passengers a full and spectacular view of the scenery, all our cabins are located along the side of the ship and above the waterline. The cabins are located on all three decks with the cabins on the shelter and bridge decks opening right onto the deck itself. And while most of the cabins have bunk beds, a number of them even offer Queen-sized beds. Additionally, all cabins are equipped with a wash basing with hot and cold running water, and passengers have access to shared bathrooms and showers on each deck (the only exception is the M/S Diana’s shelter deck which doesn’t have shower facilities).

Treat yourself to a festive start of the cruise

Are you looking to treat yourself to a festive start of the cruise guaranteed to set a relaxing and luxurious mood? You then might consider booking a cabin in category A (on the bridge deck) where we welcome you with champagne, fresh fruit, and a bathrobe when you board your cruise ship.

The lounge

Our onboard lounge is always open to our guests. Feel free to settle into one of the comfortable sofas to relax for a while, leaf through a book from the ship’s library, read a magazine, or play some games. Here is also where you find the ship’s souvenir shop, stocked with postcards, souvenirs, and more.

Lunch and dinner in the lounge

On certain occasions, we serve lunch and dinner in the lounge in addition to the dining room. This happens particularly frequently aboard the M/S Juno where the dining room is somewhat smaller than on the other two ships. But whether you enjoy your meal in the lounge or dining room, we set the tables with lovely china plates and pristine white linen tablecloths. In fact, many of our guests actually prefer eating in the lounge as this setting offers some extra privacy.

Information meetings in the lounge

To always keep you informed about the upcoming events and activities, your tour guide gathers everyone in the lounge for daily information meetings. This is where you find about the day’s events, fascinating historical and curiosities regarding the canal, the stops laying ahead, and the activities on offer. Each of our ships is staffed by a crew of 10-12, all dedicated to providing you with the best service to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

M/S Diana

The M/S Diana is the youngest of the company’s ships, built at the Finnboda shipyard outside Stockholm and launched in 1931. There are 25 cabins on three decks. The dining room and lounge are found on the shelter deck and the bridge deck offers a covered aft deck with a perfect view.

M/S Juno

M/S Juno is the world’s oldest registered cruising ship, built at the Motala shipyard and launched in 1874. The ship has got 29 cabins on three decks. The dining room with a lounge is found on the middle deck (shelter deck) and the upper deck (bridge deck) offers a covered aft deck with a perfect view.

M/S Wilhelm Tham

M/S Wilhelm Tham was built at Motala Werkstad and was launched in 1912. She was listed in 2004 by the National Maritime Museums, considering her historically important. This distinction naturally makes us quite proud as it proves our efforts to preserve the ship have succeeded.
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